Videos About Energy Psychology:

Veteran Larry speaks about using EFT

Australian Vietnam Veteran speaks about EFT for PTSD

John Meehan, Senior Welfare and Pension Officer speaks about his personal experience using EFT to clear his symptoms of PTSD.

WARNING: This is an intense, graphic video

If you are easily triggered, do not watch this alone!

Watch Main EFT Video

Video Dawson Church, PhD, author of The Genie in Your Genes, explains EFT

Ex-army soldier was strangled in a former incident

See he and his coach here using sneaking up and other gentle techniques so that he wasn’t re-traumatised.

WROC-TV8: Web Extra:

Dan and Angie Hoaglin Explain PTSD


7 months after this video was made, Carl Anderson reported:

“I served with the Army in Korea in 1951 and for 60 years have had a very painful/emotional memory that has plagued me all these years … so I told “my story” to Alina and went through the process of tapping it down. After one hour I could mentally revisit that Korean experience and it was as though I was watching an old newsreel of a 20 year old GI’s (me) experience….and there was absolutely no emotional charge to it … and I have been free of it ever since !!… 13 years of group therapy or 1 hour of EFT/Matrix … take your pick … I’m sold on EFT!!”

Healing The Wounded Warrior – an Interview with Marilyn McWilliams Veterans Stress Project Coach – Hosted by Dr. Rick Staggenborg, former VA Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

“This EFT technique is the best hope that I have ever seen of helping our veterans.” Dr. Rick Staggenborg, former VA Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Full Length Documentary (2 hours): Award-winning filmmaker Eric Huurre has produced a moving full-length documentary showing the life stories of veterans who recovered from PTSD with EFT. Click here to visit the documentary web site.