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iraq6EFT has been validated in many studies of PTSD. Several of these are randomized controlled trials, the Gold Standard of research.

These studies find rapid remediation of PTSD symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, and hypervigilance. Typical symptom reductions are over 50%. Treatment time frames range from 4 to 10 one-hour sessions. Long-term follow-up shows that veterans maintain their gains in the months and years following treatment.

A meta-analysis of 7 randomized controlled trials found that the effect of EFT treatment is “very large.” It is greater than the effects found in meta-analyses of drug trials or conventional talk therapy (Nelms & Castel, 2017).

Studies find that as PTSD symptoms diminish, anxiety and depression are also reduced. Physical symptoms also improve, with both pain, and TBI (traumatic brain injury) symptoms, dropping by over 40%.

One study examined changes in the expression of genes in veterans with PTSD. After 10 EFT sessions, 6 genes were upregulated. These were associated with the suppression of inflammation, and improved immunity (Church, Yount, Rachlin, Fox, & Nelms, 2018).

A large body of research finds that EFT has extensive physical and psychological benefits for veterans with PTSD.

This has led to the development of guidelines for doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, and others treating veterans with PTSD (Church, Stern, Boath, Stewart, Feinstein, & Clond, 2017). These clinical guidelines recommend EFT as a primary intervention, with medication indicated only for those rare cases that fail to respond.

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FREA – Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse
FREA’s mission is to support, educate and empower people to heal themselves from the effects of sexual abuse using Energy Psychology. Their website contains resources such as articles, videos, case studies, and self-care techniques. They believe that survivors of abuse are resilient; and given effective tools, information and support, can begin to heal themselves.

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