Multi-city study

Multi City Veteran’s PTSD Program:

If you’re a combat veteran, or if you suffered non-combat trauma in the line of duty, you may qualify for get six FREE and completely confidential sessions of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) coaching.

Several cities have therapists or life coaches offering EFT, and help is also available by phone. You fill in four quick one-page forms to determine if you’re eligible for this fast and effective program. To see a 19 minute video of Vietnam and Iraq veterans speaking about their experiences click here. (please be aware that watching this video frequently brings up intense emotions).

To find a coach near you, please contact the study coordinator. You will then be directed to the nearest coach who will send you forms to fill out to determine if you’re eligible for this coaching. There are coaches in many cities, and many coaches work by telephone, so help is readily available.

By signing up for this program, and filling out the forms, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re also helping many other veterans, since the VA needs evidence that EFT works, and data gathered anonymously and confidentially from this program helps to show them that EFT can help vets heal. This is helping more VA centers adopt EFT as an approved method.

To read some case histories published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring of veterans who have been helped using EFT (PDF format), click here.

To read the story of Olli Toukolehto, an Iraq combat veteran haunted by traumatic memories, who “got his life back” after EFT, and is now helping direct this program, click here. To read a newspaper story of a colonel whose panic attacks disappeared after one EFT session, click here. To read a story on this program published in the Army Times newspaper, click here. To listen to Veterans Talking about their successes, click here.

“When we witness violence, death, fear, stress, and suffering, a change takes place in our being. No one is immune and everyone is affected. The question then emerges: ‘How do you return to a peaceful life from a defensive posture, emotional detachment, and prolonged stress?’ The challenge is that often our subconscious mind doesn’t realize that we are no longer in the combat zone… even if we are physically at home. EFT gave me back the quality of life that I remembered from my past. Please, consider these EFT sessions — they are a free service to veterans from volunteers who know where we come from.”

—Olli – Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

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