Find Help For Veterans

Find Help For Veterans:

find help There are many resources to find help for vets with PTSD, both within the Veterans Administration system, and as supplements to VA care. Many of these options are free, or very low cost. Resources range from Energy Psychologists within the VA, to coaches with private Energy Psychology practices treating vets for token fees, to support groups.

Energy Psychology Counselors offering Help to Veterans:

There are Energy Psychology therapists working at several VA Centers and VA Hospitals, as well as dozens of private counselors all over the US, Canada and Europe. Many of these services are free.

To FIND SOMEONE NOW in your region, or who will work with you by phone, click here.

Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents:

Make sure you take advantage of the benefits to which you’re entitled!

Free Treatment through the Iraq Vets Stress Project:

The site you’re on now, the Iraq Vets Stress Project, currently offers eligible vets six free treatments with EFT, the most widespread Energy Psychology technique. To read the story of Second Lieutenant Olli Toukolehto, an Iraq combat veteran haunted by traumatic memories, who “got his life back” after EFT, and is now helping direct this program, click here. To read a newspaper story of a colonel whose panic attacks disappeared after one EFT session, click here. To read some case histories published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring of veterans who have been helped using EFT (PDF format), click here.

Vets PTSD Support Groups:

Check to see if there’s a support group in your geographic area. If not, there are many online communities offering support to vets with PTSD and their families.

Other Energy Treatments: Therapists by State:

To get a searchable list of the many choices of therapies and therapists in your area, click here. When you contact a therapist, please let them know that you (or the person for whom you are seeking help) is a vet with PTSD. Ascertain if this falls within their scope of practice. Ask if they have a low fee scale for treating vets, and mention that you found them through the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare.

About PTSD Treatments in the Military:

Branches of the military are grappling with the problem of PTSD in various ways. Click here for a link to some recent stories about the problems of PTSD treatment, and the search for answers.

To see one of the first media stories alerting people about the problem PTSD eventually became, click here.

How To Choose a Therapist:

For a free PDF download of a chapter from the book Soul Medicine that tells you how to evaluate the qualifications of a therapist, and decide if that person is right for you, and qualified for the task, click here.