Congressional Testimony and VA Approval of EFT

Congressional Testimony and VA Approval of EFT

The Veterans Stress Project has worked with members of the US congress and officials of the Veterans Administration since 2007 to make evidence-based energy therapies available to veterans suffering from PTSD.

Dawson Church is president of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH). The Veterans Stress Project is its largest single activity. He has testified before the US House Veterans Affairs Committee and the Homeland Security Committee. Other Stress Project supporters, David Feinstein, PhD, and Wayne Miller, have also testified on the benefits of EFT and recommended that this innovative approach be implemented in the Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Defense.

Several members of congress, including Rep Tim Ryan (D-Ohio, pictured above) urged the VA to offer EFT to all veterans.

This led in 2017 to the official designation of EFT as a “generally safe therapy” by the VAs Integrative Medicine department. EFT is now available in a number of VA Centers and VA hospitals.


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